Bosclip Edgers and Bosclip Spare Parts
Lawn Edger Blade Part Number: 103
Lawn Edger New Style Path Guide (2 Bolts) Part Number: 125
Lawn Edger Blade Nut Kit Part Number: 104A
Path Guide Bolts (New Style) Part Number: 124A
Lawn Edgers Wheels (4 pk) Part Number: 126A
Bosclip Electric Lawn Edger – BAP/ELE/002 PRODUCT NAME/CODE BAP/ELE/002 Electric Lawn edger / Barber’n Edge Trimmer MOTOR TYPE:...
Cord Guard For Handle Part Number: 151
Old Style Path Guide (1 Bolt) Part Number: 123
Wheel Axle Assembly Part Number: 127A  
Axle E Clips (6/pkt) Part Number: 129
Trigger Switch Part Number: 147
Bearings to suit Bosclip Lawn Edgers 608 2RS, 608 ZZ, 627 ZZ, 609 2RS, 629 2RS Identify your...
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