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Tanaka TCG27EBD SLN brushcutter

  • New PureFire engine

 Model TCG27EBDP(SL) / (SLN) meets U.S. (EPA PHASE3) and European (STAGE2) emission standards.

  • High durability : Robust aluminum fan case

 High durability and reduced vibration are achieved by using robust aluminum for the fan case.
Also equipped with a tank cover that protects the tank, as standard.

  • High durability : 2 piston rings

 2 piston rings compared to the conventional single piston ring improve combustion chamber sealing to secure gas pressure. Also enhances heat-transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall to extend lifetime of the sliding components.

  • High durability : Gear case with 4 ball bearings   [ TCG27EBD(SL) / TCG27EBDP(SL) ]

 These models feature 4 ball bearings, rather than the conventional 3, reducing axial run-out of drive shaft and gears, and durability.

  • Top-class*1 low vibration : Rotation speed of engine control in the high-speed range

 These models set a limit on rotation speed of engine in the high-speed range, reducing vibration and noise.

*1 : Compared to the models TCG27EAS/EASP.

  • Industry first*2 : Spindle lock


Built-in spindle lock to lock the spindle simply by pressing a stopper pin.

*2 : As of February 2014. Among engine grass trimmers/brush cutters made by leading powertool manufacturers. (surveyed by Tanaka)

  • Dividable type

Dividable into two pieces for easy transport and storage.
(TCG27EBD(SLN) / TCG27EBDP(SLN) : Cutting attachment is an optional.)

  • Soft and easy-to-grip Cushioned loop handle.
  • S-start : Soft and smooth start of recoil


Cutting attachment Yes No Yes No
Displacement 26.9mL (cc) 26.9mL (cc)
Max Power 0.9kW 0.9kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 520mL (For North America : 480mL) 520mL (For North America : 480mL)
Dia. of Pipe 24mm 24mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,782 x 320 x 253mm 1,004 x 320 x 253mm 1,782 x 330 x 253mm 1,004 x 330 x 253mm
Dry Weight 5.3kg 4.4kg 5.4kg 4.5kg