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Tanaka Brush cutter 22cc – TBC-230SF

the Tanaka TBC230SF brush cutter. It is designed to extend a grass trimmer for multi-purpose use with the additional attachments which we have available for garden usage. It features a split shaft which allows it to quickly transform into a pole saw, edger, pole hedge trimmer, mini-cultivator or brush cutter. It has Tanaka’s famous S-Start which reduces the amount of pull-force required by 50%, making it ideal for those whole like a soft, smooth engine start. It’s manufactured with PA6 GF30 (Polyamide 6, Glass Fiber 30%) giving the outer plastic housings maximum strength, due to the material providing astounding rigidity. The premium 5″ semi-automatic cutting head makes it simple to load and hold 25 feet of .095″ copolymer cutting line, whilst the heavy duty anti-vibration system reduces fatigue and increases user comfort.