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HC 260 XP

Power Displacement: 1,2 HP - 0,9 kW 25,4 cm3

Weight: 5,3 kg

Blade type: double

Blade length: 600 mm

Blade pitch: 35 mm

• 25.4 cm3 1.2 HP (0.9 kW) 2-stroke engine complying with Euro 1 standards, featuring generous torque output with a linear power curve even at low revs.
• Die cast cylinder with chromium plating, forged connecting rod and crankshaft: make for an extremely rugged long-lasting engine.
• Piston with 2 rings: constant efficiency assured over time, even in conditions of prolonged operation.
• Digital coil with speed limiter: allows constant engine control at all operating speeds. Variable ignition advance facilitates starting and, by optimizing combustion, makes for a reduction in fuel consumption and polluting emission levels.
• Aluminium gearbox.
• Drive train with pinion mounted on bearings.
• Connecting rod with roller bearings low noise operation, reduced vibration, longer life.
• High quality steel blades with end cutting edges to ensure clean and accurate cutting action that safeguards the health of the hedge.
• Adjustable blades which adapt to all gardens, even resinous plants. Optimum performance even with blunt blades.

• “Primer”: fuel mixture is drawn actively into the carburettor to facilitate starting.
• “Lift starter”: an engine starting system that automatically inhibits the choke when the throttle is opened fully, thereby eliminating the risk of flooding the carburettor.
• Handle rotatable through 180° (90° clockwise and 90° counterclockwise) with 5 intermediate positions for the maximum versatility of use, also making it possible to work immediately up against a wall.
• Sliding switch to prevent inadvertent stopping of the engine.

• Snap-fit filter cover enables easy servicing (no tools required).
• Periodic replenishment of gearbox grease is performed easily by means of the specific grease nipple.
• Clearly visible and easily accessible spark plug.

• Vibration damping system composed of springs and rubber mounts: completely isolates the handles from the rest of the tool for the maximum user comfort, even after prolonged use.
• Ergonomic handles guarantee unfailingly secure grip.
• Simple and intuitive controls all within easy reach (on/off switch, throttle trigger and angle adjustment).
• The optimum weight distribution and efficiency of the antivibration system ensure comfort and easy handling in all working conditions.
• A deflector routes the air flow of the cooling circuit towards the exhaust system so that heat and exhaust gas are dispersed well away from the operator. 

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